Don Capria

Born a Pisces, a sign known for deep feelings and imagination, Don Capria has been a writer since his earliest years, creating art, via multiple mediums throughout his life. After high school he toured and recorded music as a drummer in the New York hardcore scene. His passion for music inspired his transition to filmmaking, as Don began producing and directing music videos for artists such as Skarhead, Maximum Penalty, Madball, and other bands from the New York Scene.

Don transitioned into writing scripts with his first project, Westchester, a TV series package he inked about his experiences both growing up in the New York suburb and his involvement in the music and club industry. He directed the pilot, which starred Andrew Keegan, and shortly after began working on his first novel, Colombo: The Unsolved Murder, with, Anthony Colombo, the son of mob icon, Joseph Colombo. The book was released in December of 2015 and now he is currently consulting with documentary producers and aiding in the development of the book’s adaptation to the big screen. Following Colombo, he wrote and directed the short film, Eulogy, and won at the Queens World Film Festival and made a name for himself at local festivals and now he is back with his next film Abaddon, set to start filming in March 2019.

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