Don Capria

Don Capria has been an artist since his earliest years via multiple mediums throughout his life. Beginning in the underground graffiti scene in New York he then took his passion for drumming around the world in the New York hardcore music scene. His passion for music inspired his transition into filmmaking, and Capria began producing and directing music videos in the 2000’s.

After compiling a run of work as a music video director, Don wrote and directed his first scripted project, ‘Westchester,’ a TV pilot about his experiences growing up in the New York City suburbs and his involvement in the music and club industry. He went on to write his first book, Colombo: The Unsolved Murder, (2015) the life story of reputed mob legend, Joseph Colombo. In 2014, Don wrote and directed his award winning short film, Eulogy, (2014). During the pandemic of 2020 he wrote and directed Anecdota (2021), a teen-horror which premiered and took home two awards at SinFest in Miami. He is currently consulting with producers to develop Colombo: The Unsolved Murder into a documentary-series. He aims to return to set to direct his latest script, a feature horror set deep in the woods of Pennsylvania. 

DON CAPRIA REEL 2022 from Onetencrew Films on Vimeo.

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